Managing Benefits Certification

The purpose of the Managing BenefitsTM guidance and certification scheme is to provide managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a variety of organizations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques.

The Managing Benefits course provides:

  • An overview of benefits management – what it is, the case for doing it, and some common misconceptions that can limit its effectiveness in practice.
  • Descriptions of the seven principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are built, and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice.
  • Guidance on how to apply benefits management at a portfolio level, as well as at an individual project or programme level.
  • Details of the five practices in the Benefits Management Cycle and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice.
  • Advice on how to get started in implementing effective benefits management practices and sustain progress.
Benefits are not simply just one aspect of project and programme management (PPM) – rather, they are the rationale for the investment of taxpayers’ and shareholders’ funds in change initiatives.

The Managing Benefits guidance has been carefully designed to complement existing Best Practice in portfolio, programme and project management. It consolidates existing guidance on benefits management into one place, while expanding on the specific practices and techniques aimed at optimizing benefits realization.

About 10 hours of pre-course work will be set, and this is important to ensure that candidates have a reasonable overview of the course. The working day for the course is 8 hours, with up to 2 hours homework per night.

The foundation part of the course is over 3 days. The exam is taken in the afternoon of the 3rd day. No reference material is allowed. The exam lasts 40 minutes and the pass mark is 50%.

The practitioner part of the course is over 1½ days. The exam is taken in the morning of the 5th day. A pass at foundation level is a pre-requisite for this exam. The Managing Benefits Guide can be used. The exam lasts 2½ hours and the pass mark is 50%.