The MoV® guide is one of a series of best practice guides sponsored by AXELOS Limited. MoV has evolved from the tried and successful practice of value management across many sectors and over many years. The guidance aligns the established methods with the AXELOS Portfolio, Programme and Project Management guidance. The methods described are not new, but their use is often overlooked or misapplied.

The guidance is intended to help organisations use a successful, proven methodology to supplement their current management practices, so they can increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources.

Everything we do should contribute to our ability to achieve organizational objectives. This involves the consideration of two key questions:

Why are we doing this?
Can we do it in a better way?

Techniques are described to help us to answer these questions. It is also recognised that different stakeholders may have different views on the answers, and techniques are provided to help to reconcile these views.

The Benefits of MoV®

  • Enables senior management to maintain or increase benefits
  • Helps make better use of resources
  • Provides an auditable way to make tough decisions
  • Optimises investment costs and long term operating costs
  • Encourages innovative solutions

The foundation qualification confirms that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MoV® guidance to enable you to contribute effectively to MoV® activities led by others; enable you to understand and explain MoV to others; and is an essential pre-cursor to practitioner exam.

The practitioner qualification confirms that you have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor MoV® in a scenario situation. The experience of the individual, the level of support available and the complexity of the situation to which MoV® is to be applied will be factors that impact what the Practitioner can achieve.

About 10 hours of pre-course work will be set, and this is important to ensure that candidates have a reasonable overview of the course. The working day for the course is 8 hours, with up to 2 hours homework per night.

The foundation part of the course is over 3 days. The exam is taken in the afternoon of the 3rd day. No reference material is allowed. The exam lasts 40 minutes and the pass mark is 50%.

The practitioner part of the course is over 1½ days. The exam is taken in the morning of the 5th day. A pass at foundation level is a pre-requisite for this exam. The MoV Guide can be used. The exam lasts 2½ hours and the pass mark is 50%.